Inviting Clients

You may want to Invite clients to create a Client Login if you have already created their Client Profile. This process will allow them to choose their own password instead of it needing to be manually created from the Client Logins page. It is best if you wait to invite clients until your site is completely setup (see the Setup Series) and you have thoroughly read through this section of the manual.

  • Go To Petcare > Client Profiles
  • If you are in TABLE view
    • Click the checkboxes () for the client(s) that you would like to invite - NOTE: Invitations cannot be sent for Client Profiles that already have one or more connected Client Logins
    • Click on the Invite button
  • If you are in PROFILE view
    • Simply click the Invite button.
  • You can optionally add a message that will be included in the invitation email(s). Once your are ready to send the invitation click on the Done button
  • An "Account Invitation" email will be sent to the Primary Email Address(es) for each profile that was checked. Included in this email is a link to the "New Client Account Registration" page on your site ( and an Invitation Code
  • During Client Registration (below) your client will use the Invitation Code that was sent to them to create a Client Login that will be connected to the Client Profile that is already in the system

Client Registration

The system includes the ability for clients to register for an account, fill out their info and pets and request their own visits. This is an optional feature that can be turned on or off at any time by changing Clients Can Create Own Account on the Site Options > Clients page (it is on by default).

  • Client registration will take place on the "New Client Account Registration" page on your site (
  • Here clients will fill out the info that will become their Client Login, including Email Address, Password and Name
  • If you have Invited the client (above) they will fill out the Invitation Code with the code that they receive in their "Account Invitation" email
  • If you have entered policies on the Resources > Policies page they will appear on this page under Policy Agreement
  • Upon registration a new Client Login and Client Profile will be created (if an Invitation Code was used only the Login will be created as it would be attached to an existing Client Profile)
  • The client will see a visual progress bar and be required to perform the following steps:
    • Fill out the required fields in their profile from the Petcare > My Info page
    • Add pets from the Petcare> My Pets page
    • Enter their Credit Card on the Billing > My Billing Info page (only if you require credit cards to be on file, see Billing Options)

    • Fill out forms on the Petcare > My Forms page (only if you have Client Forms which are required)

  • After performing the steps above the client will be able to request visits (see Client Service Requests)