Any forms and policies that only require a signature can be added using the Resources > Policies page. When clients initially create an account on your new client account registration page ( they are required to digitally sign their acceptance to those policies. After they have created their account you can see the policies that they’ve agreed to from the Administrative > Client Logins page. Clients can view what they have agreed to on their My Account page.

Note that the legality of digitally signing a form online will depend on your state laws and you should contact a lawyer if you have any questions.

Client Agreement to Updated Policies

When you're making changes to your policies in the system it's important that clients are aware of the changes. In addition to that, requiring them to agree to the updated policies can help prevent future questions and disputes.

  • There is a "Require clients to agree to updated policies next time they login" checkbox whenever you are adding or editing a policy
  • When you check that box before adding or saving the policy all clients with existing Client Logins will be flagged by the system so that they are required to agree to the policy updates
  • After they next login they will be prompted to digitally sign in agreement to the updated policies before they can access the system
  • Note that when clients are agreeing to the updated policies they will see all policies and not just the ones that have changed