Precise Petcare supports a number of different online payment gateways. For directions on how to setup your gateway see How do I setup credit card / eCheck processing?

Supported Merchant Gateways:

Off Site - PayPal

  • PayPal Standard and Advanced are connected by adding a PayPal "Pay Now" button on your printable invoices
  • Clients are taken to the PayPal site to make the payment
  • Payments can only be made for the balance due amount of a single invoice
  • PayPal Standard is free, while Advanced is $5/month

Off Site - Venmo

  • Venmo is connected by adding a "Venmo" button on your printable invoices
  • Clients are taken to either the Venmo website (for clients paying on a desktop) or the Venmo app (for client paying on a mobile device) to make the payment
  • Clients will then manually enter their payment amount (it will not be autofilled)
  • YOU WILL NEED TO MANUALLY ADD THEIR PAYMENT TO THE SYSTEM (see: Creating and Applying Manual (check/cash) Payments and Credits)



  • Stripe, PayPal Pro,, Stax, Paya,, Payeezy, Sage Pay and QuantumGateway are considered our "integrated" options and can process payments without the client leaving your site
  • They are integrated by adding a "Make Payment" button on your printable invoices that brings the client to your Payments page
  • By default clients must login to access the Payments page, but we can configure the page so login isn't required if you prefer (clients can't save or use a card on file without logging in)
  • There they can pay multiple invoices at once, make partial payments and add gratuity to payments
  • You may pay the merchant account provider a monthly fee along with per-transaction fees (Precise Petcare doesn't charge anything extra)
  • See How can I automatically charge an invoice? to find out how to automatically charge cards
  • See Charging Credit Cards for how to manually charge cards