All of your incoming payments can be added to the system and applied to invoices. This is done from the Billing > Transactions page. For directions on how to charge an invoice to a credit card see Charging Credit Cards.

  • To add a new payment click on the  button
  • Choose from the Client list. Clients with open invoices are listed at the top, although having an open invoice isn't required when adding a payment
  • The Payment Method will determine the type of transaction. Payments using either "Credit" or "Gift/Tip" won't be added to your income when generating reports
  • Enter the total payment Amount and then enter how much will be applied (Invoice(s) -> Apply) to each open invoice
  • Adding a Tip amount will split that tip between visits on the invoice(s) which the Transaction is applied to
  • You can set each transaction to Auto-apply. This is only relevant if the Transaction has an unapplied amount after it is saved. What this means is whenever a new invoice is created for that client the system will auto-apply the unapplied amount of the transaction to that new invoice.
  • Upon save you can send a Client Confirmation email. One "Payment received for invoice #" email will be sent for each invoice where the payment was applied. Included in this email are the Ref #, amount paid, amount due and invoice status (Open or Paid)


Credits can be added from the Billing > Transactions > Credits tab. Other than that they are added and applied like other manual payments (see directions above).