We do all that we can to prevent system outages, but we cannot guarantee that they will not occur. Typically these are brief, but in instances that they last longer it will be beneficial if you have utilized the alternate ways to access your data that Precise Petcare provides:

Synchronize Your Schedule (iCal Feeds)

iCal is an open standard for sharing calendar and event-based information over the internet. The system can create iCal Feeds for nearly every page that has a calendar, allowing you to access your schedule, availability, key requests and more from any device or application that supports iCal. A few popular applications that support iCal are Google Calendar, iCal for Mac and Outlook. Read more about iCal Feeds.

Native App "Offline" Functionality

Sitters using the Precise Petcare App who have already logged in will be able to continue to perform actions and add journals for visits on their My Schedule page. These actions and journals will be synced with the system automatically when the outage has been resolved.

Daily "My Schedule" Emails

Every day at your Daily Processing Time the system sends out "My Schedule Notifications" emails to each one of your sitters. This email includes the list of visits for the day that they need to take action on (Complete, Confirm, Accept/Decline). These emails are on by default and can be turned off from the Communication > Communication Options page. Note that this will only result in a true daily schedule if your processing time is set to an early AM time.

Daily "Master Schedule" Emails

Every day at your Daily Processing Time the system can send out "Upcoming Master Schedule" emails to the Site Email Address. This email includes the full list of uncompleted visits for the upcoming day (if your processing time is before 8am it will be the same day, 8am or later will be the next day). These emails are off by default and can be turned on from the Communication > Communication Options page.

Exporting Spreadsheets

The system can export Excel or CSV files for nearly every page, allowing you to store your data locally on your computer. This can be used to periodically save your clients (including alarm codes), pets, keys and even schedule so that you will always have a local copy. Also note that you can export data that is output when using the Reports. Read more about Exporting Spreadsheets.

Will I lose data if there is an outage?

It is unlikely that data will be lost during an outage. Our system is backed up daily (in the middle of the night Eastern time) and 30 days of backups are saved. If we need to restore data we can do so using those backups. Read more about restoring data.