Territories are managed from the Petcare > Territories page and allow you to group clients based on zip code. You can then limit staff access to specific territories and create automatic surcharges based on territory.

Adding Territories

  • Click  to create a new territory
  • After adding a name click on  to add zip codes that will be assigned to the territory. You can have as many zip codes in one territory as you want
  • You can set colors for each Territory and then a square of that color will appear next to the territory name and on each visit in that territory (within a client profile it will appear at the top next to the client's name and not on individual visits)
  • When on the Territories page you will see a "You have ## Zips that haven't been added to a territory" notice if the system sees that you have clients with zip codes not assigned to a territory. If any zip codes are missing it may result in inaccuracies with the functionality below. To resolve add a new territory or add the zip codes to an existing territory

Assigning Clients to Territories

  • Once you have added territories using the steps above you will be able to assign clients to them on the Petcare > Client Profiles page
  • Clients will default to "Default for Zip" so unless you want them in a different territory you won't need to make any adjustments

Manager/Sitter Territory Access

  • Once you have added territories using the steps above you will be able to assign staff to them on the Administrative > Users page
  • When adding or editing a Manager or Sitter use the Territory Permissions to limit the territories that they have access to

Setting Up Territory-based Surcharges (click for info)