If you're using one of the "Integrated" payment gateways (see How do I setup credit card / eCheck processing?) you will be able to keep client credit cards on file and charge invoices to them. This is managed from the Billing > Client Billing Info page.

  • To add or change a credit card on file find the client and click the  button
  • Set Keep Credit Card on File to "On File" (setting it to "Not On File" will delete stored credit card information on save)
  • Enter their credit card information and billing address. Some Merchant Accounts may have strict requirements where the billing address and/or zip must match the cardholder information for a successful charge. These can typically be adjusted by finding the "Address Verification Service" options in your Merchant Account dashboard
  • If you have added Client Logins (see Client Management) then your clients can login and update/remove their stored billing information
  • By default the system will attempt charge an invoices automatically. For when/how that happens see How can I automatically charge an invoice?
  • Once a credit card is on file you can use the checkboxes on the Billing > Invoices page (or Invoices tab of the client's profile) and then click the  button to manually charge the invoice to the card on file.