With flexible creation scheduling and auto sending to client, Auto Invoicing will allow all of your invoicing to be completely automated. Here's how it works:

  • Turn on Auto Invoicing on the Billing > Billing Options > Auto Invoicing page
  • The Visit Window is based on the day the invoices are generated and will determine how far in the future and in the past the system will look for visits to be invoiced. Generally, if you are pre-invoicing you would want to set this to include future visits (eg. "Up to 1 month after invoicing") and if you are post-invoicing you would want to set it to not include future visits (eg. "Up to the day of invoicing")
  • Create Invoices For allows you to choose which visit statuses can be auto invoiced. If you use Packages you can also auto invoice uninvoiced packages.
  • Using Keep Grouped Visits on Same Invoice you can have the system wait to invoice grouped visits until they will all be included on the same invoice. There are three different grouping settings:
    • Trip Visits Only (the system will wait to keep visits from the same Trip on a single invoice)
    • Trip and Consecutive Day Visits (in addition to the above, the system will wait to keep visits on consecutive days on the same invoice)
    • Trip, Consecutive Day and Every Other Day Visits (in addition to the above, the system will wait to keep visits that are every other day on the same invoice)
  • The Invoice Creation Frequency will determine how often the auto invoicing occurs. You can choose Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Custom.
  • If you choose Weekly or Bi-Weekly you will choose Day of the week to Invoice. For Custom you will set Day of the month to Invoice (which can be multiple days separated by commas) - NOTE: putting "31" as the Day of the Month to Invoice will result in the system using the last day of the month regardless of the length of the month
  • The Invoice Date will determine the Due Date of the invoice (which is also the day it would be auto charged) based on your Default Terms setting. You can have this be either the date the invoice is created or based on the date of the first visit on the invoice.
  • Using Send Invoices to Client the initial invoice notice can be scheduled either Immediately, Auto on Invoice Date (if different than the day it is created) or Manually - NOTE: we recommend starting with this set to "Manually" so you can initially check invoices before sending

Auto Invoicing (Ongoing Only)

  • You can setup a separate invoicing schedule for Ongoing visit from the Billing > Billing Options > Auto Invoicing (Ongoing Only) page
  • Using "Custom Settings" you can then configure the same settings above, except for Ongoing visits only (or specific clients - see below)

Selective Auto Invoicing

  • You can turn off auto invoicing for specific clients by editing their Client Profile and setting Auto Invoicing to "Off"
  • If you are using Auto Invoicing (Ongoing Only) you can set a client's Auto Invoicing to "Use Ongoing" which will make it so all of the client's visits (not just Ongoing ones) use the Ongoing Auto Invoicing settings


Don't forget to check the preview! This will tell you the next projected invoices which will be generated based on the configured settings (no need to save before you preview).