To make sure that you have a payment gateway that the system connects to see our list of supported gateways at Payment Processing Options. Payment processing is setup on the Billing > Billing Options > Online Payments page. Listed below are the steps to connect the system with the gateways we support.

Off Site

PayPal Payments Standard/Advanced

  1. Enter the the email address associated with your PayPal account into PayPal Standard



  1. Choose "Stripe" for Integrated Payment Processing and click on the "Connect with Stripe" button
  2. You will be brought to Stripe's website, where you can either Sign In to your existing Stripe account or create a New Stripe account
  3. Authorize access to your Stripe account

WARNING: Credit cards are stored on Stripe's servers and if you switch to or from Stripe you will lose all previously saved credit cards /

  1. Generate your API login and transaction key using these steps:
  2. Take your account out of test mode:
  3. Choose "" for Integrated Payment Processing and enter your API login, API Transaction Key and Accepted Card Types

PayPal Payments Pro

  1. Follow the directions at to get your API Signature credentials
  2. Choose "PayPal Payments Pro" for Integrated Payment Processing and enter your your API Username, API Password and Signature


  1. Find the "New Merchant Information For..." email which was sent to you when your Paya account was created and locate the Merchant Id Number and M_Key Number
  2. Choose "Paya" for Integrated Payment Processing and enter your Merchant ID, Merchant Key and Accepted Card Types


  1. Send us the list of credit card methods that you will accept
  2. Your existing Payeezy merchant account will need to be linked to our developer account. Their process is manual on their end. You’ll need to send an email to (please CC in the email) with the following message:


    Please link my merchant account to the developer account associated with My merchant ID # is [insert MID] and the DBA name of my business is [insert DBA].