Editing Invoices

Once an invoice is created you can change the details and charges in the invoice. This is recommended BEFORE sending it to the client (see Sending Notices and Reminders). NOTE: making changes to visits which are on an invoice will automatically update the invoice to reflect the changes

  • Find the invoice that you want to update and click on the "Edit" button
  • If you change the invoice # of the newest invoice then future invoices will increment from that number
  • Changing either the Date or Terms will result in the Due Date being recalculated upon save (unless you set the Terms to "Custom", in which case you can set a specific Due Date)
  • If you're using one of the "Integrated" payment gateways (see How do I setup credit card / eCheck processing?) you can change the Charge to either "Yes" or "No". For more information on Automatic charging see How can I automatically charge an invoice?
  • Changing the Tip amount will automatically distribute the total Tip amount between visits on the invoice
  • The Status setting designates whether the invoice has been sent to the client or if it is a Quote (see Sending Invoices and Quotes)
  • Each visit included in the invoice will be listed in the Items. You can add more items by clicking the  button. Each item can be updated, deleted (using the  button) or reordered (click, drag and then drop each item to reorder). There are are two types of Line Items:
    • "Visit" (linked) line items, which have a calendar icon (). Clicking on that icon will bring you to the single visit editor on the Master Schedule. When you save the visit you will be brought back to the invoice and it will be updated to reflect your changes. Removing a Visit line item will set the visit as Not Invoiced.
    • "Custom" line items, which have a pencil icon (). Clicking on that icon will allow you to edit the line item on the current page. Custom line items are not connected to visits and will never be updated automatically.
  • The Bill To and Email are pulled from the Client Profile when the invoice is created. You can update them for this particular invoice here (for future invoices you will want to update the Client Profile)
  • If a Notes To Client is entered it will be added to the bottom of the invoice. To add a message to every invoice update the Invoice Footer on the Billing > Billing Options page
  • Notes to Manager will not show up to clients and is a good place to note why an invoice is edited if for some reason one is.
  • Click "Save" to update the invoice

Merging Invoices

  • Merging can only be done from the Invoices tab of a Client Profile (NOT the main Billing > Invoices page)
  • In order to merge you need to have at least 2 invoices for the client that have a balance or are due in the future
  • Checkmark the invoice you want to merge from (this is the invoice that will be zeroed out) and use the "Merge" button
  • Choose the invoice to merge to from the dropdown menu
  • The invoice which is merged from will be kept, zeroed out, set to "Unsent" (so clients can no longer view it) and notes of the merge will be added to the invoice Notes to Manager