Each member of your staff (owners, managers and sitters) will need their own user account and login credentials. These are managed from the Administrative > Users page. To determine how many staff you can add you can update your plan on the Administrative > My Plan page.

  • To add a new account click on the  button
  • The Email is required and must be unique as it is used for a username and password recovery
  • The Nickname will be used to reference this user throughout the site. If nothing is entered here the system will use the First Name instead
  • By setting a Color your sitter's name will appear in a box of that color throughout the system, allowing you to color code your staff. Make sure to not make the color too dark so you can still read the name!
  • The Account Typewill determine the permissions the staff member will have upon login
    • MASTER: this is an "owner" account with full permissions to every page. Master users cannot edit or delete other Master users that were created before them.
    • Manager: this type of account can be given custom Page Permissions, Territory Permissions and access to view Financials (on the pages they can see). A few pages will limit Manager users (they cannot delete clients, pets or visits), otherwise they will have Master-like permissions for the pages they are given access to. If you set Manager Access Begins they will not be able to view data before that date
    • Sitter: this account type is given special and/or limited privileges to the pages that they will need for scheduling, client information, keys and vets. You can give them full access to the Resources > Photos page by setting them as a Social Media Manager.
    • NOTE: users of any account type can be assigned to a visit
  • You can fill out the additional contact information or let your staff do it from their My Account page
  • With Site Options > Clients > Clients can see Sitters enabled, if you add a Profile Photo and/or fill out the Position and Bio fields clients will be able to view that info from their My Schedule page and journals
  • If your staff have non-standard pay rates, you can set them by using the Custom Rates. Click on the "Add Custom Rates" button, choose a service and enter the staff price in Dollars or Percent (percent is entered as whole numbers so 50% would be 50, not .5). If these rates will only be for a specific client, select that client from the drop-down. Do this for each service where they will have non-standard rates. The Effective Date for Rates will only apply when you are editing an account that already has visits on the schedule.
  • Upon adding the account you can notify your staff through email by setting Send Email Notification to "Yes" (which is the default). A message can be added that will appear in the email along with their login credentials.
  • Click the SAVE button to create the account.

Dual User/Client Accounts

There may be cases where you hire a client to work for you or have a staff member who is also a client. This will allow them to access both their staff and client accounts from a single login account.

  • On the Administrative > Users page when you edit or add a User use the User is also a Client under the Permissions to assign a Client Profile to that User
  • If you have a an individual who has an existing Client Login (eg. a client who you hire) you would need to delete their Client Login (NOT their Client Profile) and add a new account for them from Administrative > Users using the directions above
  • When they are logged in they will be able to switch between their User account and their Client account using either the notification or by clicking "Switch to Client/Owner/Manager/Sitter" in the user menu
  • You would perform this step instead of Inviting as the invite process will result in a separate Client Login