Activity Log

The system keeps a complete history of every action performed by all staff and client in the last 6 months on the Administrative > Activity Log page. Only Master users can view this page.

  • To view the Activity Log only for a single staff member's actions use Profile view on the Administrative > Users page and go to the Log tab of the user's profile
  • To view the Activity Log only for a single client's actions search the Administrative > Activity Log page for the email address of their Client Login (not necessarily the same email as the Client Profile)


Getting the History of something is just a shortcut to search only for that item in the Activity Log.

  • To view the history of any specific item in the system use the menu for that item and then select History (in Profile view it's a button under Actions). This will bring up a search in the Activity Log for actions taken on that item (Adding, Updating, Arriving, Completing, etc.)
  • To view the history of a Ongoing Series open the series editor and use the History button at the bottom - NOTE: some actions to visits in an ongoing series will show here and not in the visit's history
  • While Managers cannot have access to the full Activity Log, they can use the "History" button to see a pop-up with the actions performed on data (visits, client profiles, etc.) which they already have access to