Clients are able to add tips easily, before or after visits have been completed, and before or after invoices have been paid. Whenever and however a tip is added or changed the system will reconcile the difference to make sure that the visit-level tips add up to the actual tip that was made. Here is how clients can make tips:

  • By setting an Automatically Tip amount or percent in their profile, tips are automatically added to all newly added or requested visits
  • Visit-level tips can be added to any visit which has not been invoiced (or is on an invoice which hasn't been paid) from the My Schedule page. Clients need to select the visit(s) on their My Schedule page in order to see the "Tip" button
  • When paying an invoice clients can add or adjust the tip amount on the Payments page. Adding or changing the tip when a payment is made will automatically distribute that tip between visits on the invoice(s) being paid.
  • If the client has no open invoices they can make a tip-only payment from the Payments page, which will then be distributed between visits on their last invoice
  • Tips made when paying an invoice and tip-only payments are evenly split between all of the visits on the invoice(s) the tip is applied to

When using Payroll, changes to tips or pay in past pay periods are automatically reflected in the next pay period for that staff.