Using the Billing > Payroll page you can have a history of what you have paid your staff.  Here is the full list of payroll functionality:

  • Complete history of payroll checks, including check #'s, notes and YTD totals
  • When running payroll the system will flag when a sitter has uncompleted visits
  • Click on the # of visits for details and to conveniently recalculate right from the Payroll page
  • Use the Payroll tab in the User profile to see that User's payroll
  • Changes to pay/tips in past pay periods which have been saved will automatically be added or subtracted from the sitter's next pay period (NOTE: the visits that were changed MUST be saved as part of a previous Payroll for this to happen)
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure to "Save" the Payroll - this MUST be done for the system to track changes in past pay periods

"Actual Payroll" report for sitters

If you would like to be completely transparent with your staff's pay, this setting will give staff the ability to see exactly what was included in their check each pay period. This is important because using Payroll there could be adjustments to their pay from past pay periods (for example, a tip added) which would mean that the Payroll wouldn't match their "My Earnings" report.

  • Sitters can see their actual payroll (created using Billing > Payroll) by changing the Administrative > Site Options > Sitters can see Pay setting to "Actual Payroll & Estimated Earnings"
  • With the setting above enabled the reports sitters could see before (Resources > Reports) are changed from "My Earnings" to "My Estimated Earnings" as they will not reflect changes in past pay periods
  • With the setting above enabled sitters will see their actual payroll on the Resources > Payroll page. By clicking on the pay amount in the Visit Pay column they will see a list of visits included in that payroll.