Emails sent through the system are stored in the Email Log, which gives you a complete history of every email sent to clients and staff.

  • The full log can be viewed at Communication > Email Log and emails sent to individual clients and staff can be viewed in the Emails tab of their profile
  • To resend an email use themenu and select "Resend"
  • Each email has one of the following statuses:
    • Sent - the email has been sent and has not yet been opened
    • Open - the email has been opened by the recipient (click on "Open" to see when)
    • Bounce - the email was rejected by the recipient's mail server (click on "Bounce" to see the technical details). When an email bounces it is automatically added to the system's email blacklist and emails attempted to be sent to that address will be Rejected for the next 7 days.
    • Complaint - the recipient used the "Spam" button to mark the email as spam (click on "Complaint" to see the technical details). Future emails will be attempted, but the recipient's provider may send them directly to the spam folder
    • Rejected - the recipient's email address has been blacklisted due to a Bounce and the system is rejecting emails sent to that address for a period of 7 days (click on "Rejected" to see the technical details)