When clients request visits that the business is unable to provide you can use the Unavailable visit status to better communicate and track them. This also allows you to be aware of any visits a client may still want performed if your availability changes. This is different then Canceling Visits (where the client has decided they don't need the visit) in that it is the business declining the service instead.

  • Using the "Unavailable" button on the Master Schedule you can send clients a "Service Request Unavailable" email with a list of the visits that you selected in addition to changing the visit status
  • When editing visits or performing Bulk Edit on the Master Schedule you will see the Unavailable status as an option
  • Unavailable visits are colored with a white background and strikethrough text and are visible on the Master Schedule and client's My Schedule page (they are not visible to sitters)
  • Unavailable visits are set to $0 price and pay and cannot be invoiced