Each physical key is added into the system individually from the Petcare > Keys page. This allows the system to track the current location of each key and when it was received. Each key is given a Key Code, your unique identifier for the key, which the system uses to distinguish between the individual keys. Some companies use letters based on the client and/or pet name, others use numbers. We have the client ID listed with the client name on the keys page if you wanted to use that as part of your code.

  • Key Dropoffs and Pickups can be scheduled on the Scheduling > Key Requests page (unless using Sitters can Pickup and Return keys themselves, below)
  • Notifications for Key Requests can be turned off at Administrative > Site Options > Time & Scheduling > Key Request Notices (set to "Disable")
  • Clients who don't use keys should have Uses Keys set to "No" in their Client Profile, which will prevent any key-related notifications for that client

Sitters can Pickup and Return keys themselves

For those of you who have sitters that are self sufficient when it comes to picking up and returning keys, but still want to keep track of where the keys are at all times you can allow your sitters to pickup and return keys.

  • On the Administrative > Site Options > Sitters & Journals page turn On the Sitters can Pickup and Return keys themselves setting
  • Turning that on will disable the Scheduling > Key Requests page so that all key activity will take place on the Petcare > Keys page instead
  • Sitters can use the "Pickup" button to mark office keys in their possession and the "Return" button to mark when they have returned keys to the office (or other location)