The Dashboard gives you a snapshot of your business's performance. It includes a live sitter map, graphs and charts to help you keep key information top of mind. You can see where your sitters were last checked in/out, what times, and how long the visit was completed in via the map as well as various performance metrics for your business, such as visits this year compared to last and projected earnings. There are other panels as well that can be collapsed or expanded to fit your preference using the button at the top right corner of each panel. Some Dashboard panels include an "Add New" button, which is a shortcut to the associated page's new item dialog. Other panels include clickable numbers that will take you to a corresponding schedule or report.

Live Sitter Map


The Live Sitter Map details your sitters' last known check in/out location. You'll see a pin box over their locations with their initials in the box. You can click on the pin box to get more detailed information about the location or visit they were at. That information includes: 

  • Status of the Visit
  • How the long the visit is currently or was when it was completed
  • The sitter's name assigned to that visit
  • The visit/service type
  • How long ago the location was captured
  • The Client's name for the visit
  • A time stamp

You can also get the same information from the details to the right of the map. In the details section you can also see:

  • The location icon.  When clicked, it will center the map on the sitter for that visit.
  • Journals. You can see if a journal was completed for the visit and whether or not it has been viewed by the client or has comments associated with it. Clicking on the journal icon will take you to the journal view.

You can see a larger view of the map by clicking on the top right corner button (two diagonal arrows). You can expand or contract the Live Sitter Map (and all other Dashboard Panels) to fit your preferences using the collapse button, also in the top right corner of the panel.

NOTE: Through out the system, colors of different buttons and/or icons may vary from our support articles depending on your Site Options settings.

Communication Center

The Communication Center panel details communications sent between your clients and sitters in a "snapshot" format. You see pertinent comments for each client. Client communications are grouped together. Clicking on the Done button will close the view of that clients communication until new communication occurs. You can also click on the Journal button to open the full view of the journal sent.

As more communications are submitted, the live communication panel will grow. It will include up to the last 48 hours of communications between clients and sitters.

Monthly Graphs and Data Tables

There are two monthly graphs and several data tables on the Dashboard. 

  • Monthly Completed Visits - Shows a year-over-year monthly breakdown of how many completed visits were done each month.
  • Monthly Received Payments - Shows a year over year monthly breakdown of payments received.

In both graphs you can mouse hover over individual bars to see the actual number or amount for the month and a year-to-date number or amount.

  • Current Visits - Shows a table of current visits, broken down by their status as well as a total. You can click on any of the visit numbers to be taken to the master schedule page specific to the number you clicked on. For example, clicking on the number under "Tomorrow" and the "Total" row, will take you the master schedule for tomorrow. Another example would be to click on the number in the "Unassigned" row under "This Week" which will take you to the master schedule, with visits filtered to show only the unassigned visits.
  • Projected Earnings - Shows a breakdown of your earnings projections based on visit prices for the visits which have amounts associated with them. In other words, visits that are completed, accepted, confirmed, in progress, or cancelled visits that the fee was retained. (ie. Cancel --> Charge Client). It includes a Total (Gross) projection for Today, This Week, This Month, This Quarter and This Year to help give you an idea of how much money is coming into your business. It also shows, amounts due to sitters and your Net (Total minus Due To Sitter). You can click on any amount in any column to be taken to a report related to to that amount.
  • New Clients - Shows how many new clients you've taken on in the given period.
  • Invoicing - Details total invoice amounts in each status and days past due.
  • Activity Log - Shows recent activity within your system. This information can be helpful when determining accidental inputs, deletions or problems as well as other activity information.
  • Precise Petcare Updates - Lists updates Precise Petcare has released or other important information releases. It also has direct link buttons to PPC's social media pages.