The Pet reports can be found at Resources > Reports > Pets and work similarly to the Client Reports. In addition to seeing pet information you can see the reports broken down by number of pets.

  • Report lets you choose between "Pet Information" and "Number of Pets"
  • The "Pet Information" report is a "Details" report that lists each pet individually, while the "Number of Pets" report can also be viewed in "Summary" and "Chart" modes (selected under Display)
  • Using the "Details" mode you can use the checkboxes to send Messages to the owners of the pets directly from the report. Use the Fields to choose what pet information is shown in this mode
  • Using the Filters you can add one or more searches to limit the pets which are found
  • You can save or export a report using the "Tools" button after you have run the report. Saved reports are visible to Managers/Masters with the same report permissions and show at the bottom of the Reports selector

Example Pet reports

  • View pet birthdays for next month (Report: Pet Information, Dates: Birthday - Next Month)
  • See the percentage of dogs and cats that your clients have (Report: Number of Pets, Group by: Animal)