The Client reports can be found at Resources > Reports > Clients and allow you to break down your clients in many different ways. In addition to seeing client information you can see the reports broken down by number of clients.

  • Report lets you choose between "Client Information" and "Number of Clients"
  • The "Client Information" report is a "Details" report that lists each pet individually, while the "Number of Clients" report can also be viewed in "Summary" and "Chart" modes (selected under Display
  • Using the "Details" mode you can use the checkboxes to send Messages to clients directly from the report. Use the Fields to choose what client  information is shown in this mode

  • Some notable Group By options are:
    • Creation Date is the day the Client Profile was created. Note that this was only added late last year and won't be accurate before then
    • Date of Last Service is the date of the service that they have scheduled that is furthest in the future (or most recent in the past if they don't have any upcoming services)
    • Visits Per Month is the number of visits every 30.42 days (the average length of a month) and will calculate starting with the creation date and ending either with today's date or their Date of Last Service, whichever is later. Note that this and Total Visits also includes the number of canceled visits
    • Total Income is based on payments entered on the Billing > Transactions page and not the per-visit income. This can also be calculated using the Income/Pay reports, but we have added it here for convenience.
    • Income Per Month is the amount of payment income every 30.42 days, starting with the client's creation date and ending with today's date
  • You can use Compare to compare the number of clients to past periods in both Summary and Chart view
  • Using the Filters you can add one or more searches to limit the clients which are found
  • You can save or export a report using the "Tools" button after you have run the report. Saved reports are visible to Managers/Masters with the same report permissions and show at the bottom of the Reports selector

Example Client reports

  • View number of clients that have signed up every month (Report: Number of Clients, Group By: Creation Month, Dates: All Time)
  • Find which clients have never scheduled service (Dates: Creation Date - All Time, Filter: Total Visits = 0)
  • See which clients make you the most money (Group By: Total Income/Income Per Month) and which request the most services (Group By: Total Visits/Visits Per Month)
  • Get all of the email addresses for active clients for exporting (Report: Client Information, Filter: Status matches Active, Fields: Primary Email)