Native App

First, make sure you're using the Precise Petcare App and not a web browser (below).

iOS: the setting is at Settings App > Precise Petcare > Location > (set to "Always"). Also, make sure Background App Refresh is enabled (it will be disabled if Low Power Mode it turned on).

Android: it differs from phone to phone and is typically simpler to delete and reinstall the app (and agree to give access to the phone's location when it starts again) then to try and locate the setting. If an Android user does that and is still getting the same results please submit a support ticket for help.

Web Browser

It depends on the device and browser that you're using. Some browsers will save your choice for sharing (or not sharing) your location, while others will ask every time a page is loaded. If the “not share” choice has been saved it’s a matter of going to the browser settings and then either clearing all of the saved location choices or resetting it individually for your site.

Directions for Chrome on Android:

  • Open Chrome and go to Menu > Settings
  • Go to Site Settings > All Sites
  • Search for the URL you use to login ("yourcompany"
  • Select the site and you should be able to allow Location Access for the site

Directions for Safari on iOS:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Go to Privacy > Location Services
  • Make sure Safari Websites is set to "While Using"

If you need help determining the steps that need to be taken first go to to find out the exact browser that you're using and contact us with the results.