Recommended Steps

If you're just getting started this is the order we recommend for importing:

  1. Setup your Client and Pet Fields
  2. Import Vets (if you have any to import)
  3. Import Clients (connects to vets)
  4. Import Pets (connects to clients)
  5. Import Keys (if you have any to import - connects to clients)

How to Import Spreadsheets

  • Click on the "Tools" button and then "Import". There are two ways to import:
    (1) save an excel file as a .csv (comma delimited file) and then upload the file
    (2) paste directly from excel. When using the paste method make sure to paste entire rows.
  • You will then be taken to the Select Columns page where you match the columns to the field they will be imported into. To match a column to a field first choose "Import" on the left for that field, then select the matching column from the drop-down.
  • The Match Data step allows you to match data that cannot be imported automatically because of how it's abbreviated in your file. For example, it gives you the chance to tell the Importer that "sm" means "Squirt Major". This allows you to import your original data with little or no prep work needed to make it "Import Friendly".
  • The last step, Approval, will show you what the data will look like once it's imported. Click the Complete Import button to save the data.

* Note that not all pages allow importing