You have the ability to add these visual cues to ANY Client, Pet or individual Visit.

  • On the Site Options > Clients page there is a "Tag" field. This is where you will add your tags.
  • Choose from any of the 100+ icons that we've supplied. The possible meanings for some will be obvious, while others you can use for whatever you want. Here are some examples:
    •  and : First and last visit in a client request
    • : Pet has medical needs
    • : Client has a security camera
  • When you add a label the meaning of the tag will be shown when the mouse is hovered over it. On mobile devices tap on the tags to show the labels
  • By default these tags can only be seen by staff, but you can make them visible to clients, too, if you prefer. You can also make it so they are only visible to managers
  • Any changes to make to tags will be system-wide so you can quickly change the icon or label for any existing tag. You cannot delete tags, but you can make them inactive so they will never be shown again
  • All Client tags will automatically be added to each of that client's visits on the Master Schedule. Pet tags are only visible from the Client/Pet Profile (not the Master Schedule).

Assigning Tags

  • As mentioned above, you can apply any tag to a client, pet or visit. This can be done in a couple ways:
  • By editing the item in question you can add to the "Tags" field. Doing this you can also set a custom label that will replace the default tag label
  • By using the checkboxes and the "Tag" button. When using the "Tag" button you're able to assign multiple tags at the same time