By default the system will send out daily "Service Confirmation" and "Service Cancellation" emails to clients, keeping them up to date on their visits without needing to login. These can be turned off altogether by setting Client Email Confirmations Default to "Don't Send" at Communication > Communication Options or per-visit by setting Client Email Confirmation to "Don't Send" on the Master Schedule, or even per ongoing series of visits by clicking on the Ongoing icon in the Master Schedule. Confirmations can be set to "Don't Send" when you input visits as well.

  • Confirmations are sent daily at the Processing Time (which can be changed at Site Options > Time & Scheduling) and will include a list of services that have been "confirmed" (Accepted by the sitter) or canceled in the previous 24 hours
  • Clients will only receive a maximum of one "Confirmation" and one "Cancellation" email each day
  • Each individual visit will only be automatically confirmed once (if the confirmation was sent manually it will not be automatically confirmed)
  • Confirmation (but not Cancellation) emails include any Notes to Client for each visit
  • To manually send a Confirmation (or Cancellation) email use the checkboxes on the Scheduling > Master Schedule page and click the Actions button (at the top of the page in a green background) and then select the "Confirm" option. When a manual confirmation is sent it will not be sent automatically afterwards.
  • You will see an icon on each future visit on the Master Schedule which tell you whether or not a confirmation has been sent to the client:

    = Confirmation Sent

    = Confirmation will auto-send next Daily Processing

    = Confirmation will auto-send after visit is Assigned