Clients can request cancellation of any future visits (not same day) from their My Schedule page. Note that they are only REQUESTING cancellation; it is up to you whether or not to cancel the visit and to charge or not charge.

  • They will click the  button for the visit on their My Schedule page.
  • In the pop-up window they will have the opportunity to add cancellation notes and will be presented with your Cancellation Policy (managed at Site Options > Clients) along with the following notice: "Cancellation will not be official until reviewed and confirmed by (Company Abbreviation)"
  • To finish the request they will click on the  button
  • The visit will be designated with a red "Cancel Requested" on their schedule and on the Master Schedule. In addition, the request will be emailed to the Site Email Address
  • To officially cancel the visit, from the Master Schedule, click the menu arrow on the visit that has a cancellation requested, and then select Cancel.
  • To clear clear the cancellation request either use the single visit menu ("1" below) and then choose "Clear Cancel Request" or edit the visit and click on the "Clear Request on Save" checkbox before saving.