Spam prevention rules dictate that the sending address of emails sent by the system must use a domain that we control. This means that if you use Gmail, Yahoo or a similar service for your email it's not acceptable for our system to "spoof" your email address when sending messages.

Our solution is to give you your own system-based email address that will be used as the Sender address for all emails that are sent by your site. This email address will use the domain. So if your Precise Petcare URL was your new sending email would be

We emphasize the word Sender because your true email address (set at Communication > Communication Options > Site Email Address) will still be used as the Reply-To address.

Let's say the true email of the example above was Emails would use the Sender address of and a Reply-To of, meaning that when someone clicked reply it would be addressed to

In addition, we've setup your new address to forward to your true email address in case someone mistakenly sent an email to that address. To finish the example, emails sent to would forward to

To recap:

  • Your site sends email using
  • Replies will be sent to your true email address, not the address
  • If someone did send direct email to the address, it will be automatically forwarded to your true address