iCal is an open standard for sharing calendars over the internet. All popular calendar services and apps (including Google Calendar, iOS Calendar and Outlook) support iCal. You are not required to use the Mac app of the same name. The system can create iCal Feeds for nearly every page that has a calendar, allowing you to access your schedule, availability, key requests and more from any device.

  • To get an iCal Feed click on the Tools drop-down and then select iCAL feed.
  • By clicking the SUBCRIBE button in the pop-up box, your computer or device will open the registered iCal application to read the feed
  • For some applications (such as Google Calendar) you will need to copy the "webcal://" URL. You will then paste that URL when adding a new Internet Calendar in your application (in Google Calendar use Other Calendars > Add by URL)
  • Your calendar application will automatically be kept synchronized with Precise Petcare. NOTE: The frequency of synchronization will be dictated by the application
  • As anyone who knows the URL can access the feed, we have made it so changing your password will void all past feeds
  • NOTE: the iCal Feed is not available for staff on the My Schedule page of the Native app. You will need to access the system via a web browser instead.