Client Profiles

Each client that you service must have a profile where their personal, contact and home information is saved. These are managed from the Petcare > Client Profiles page. NOTE: Client Profiles (where client information is stored) are different than Client Logins (the client login credentials only) and there can be multiple Client Logins attached to a single Client Profile.

If you plan on Inviting clients, first create their profiles using the directions below or by Importing them from a spreadsheet. When a client registers without an Invite it will create a new Client Profile. More information on that can be found at Invites and Client Registration.

  • IMPORTANT: BEFORE adding clients make sure that you have adjusted the Client Fields on the Site Options > Clients page to your liking. Changes these fields after clients are input can create confusion and end up with client information that doesn’t make sense in conjunction with the field the information is in.
  1. Click Petcare
  2. Click Client Profiles
  3. Click on the NEW CLIENT button
  4. Based on your Client Fields settings, some fields will be required and others may be hidden. Fill in the required fields, denoted with an * at the minimum, fill out other fields as you need to.
  5. At this point you can click the SAVEbutton to save the client profile, however here are a few notes about the other options in the profile:
    • The default Status when adding new clients (and when they register themselves) is as "Prospect" - as soon as a visit with a price over $0 is added by staff or requested by the client they are automatically changed to the "Active" status
    • If you set Uses Keys to "No" you won't be notified if a sitter doesn't have a key for this client (key notices can be turned off altogether from Site Options > Time & Scheduling)
    • New Veterinarians can be added by choosing "New" for Client's Vet. Filling in the Vet info here will also add it to the Resources > Vets page.
    • If your clients have non-standard prices, you can set them by using the Custom Prices. Click on the button, choose a service and enter the client's price. Do this for each service where they will have non-standard pricing. The Effective Date for Prices will only apply when you are editing a profile that already has visits on the schedule.
    • Selecting a Primary or Secondary Sitter is will allow you to easily assign to them (assign to "PRIMARY" or "SECONDARY")
    • By setting Blocked Sitters, you will prevent those sitters from ever being assigned visits for that client
    • If you use Territories you can group clients in a Territory that does not include their Zip Code
    • Be sure to click SAVE after any edits.


Pet Profiles

Pets can be added for clients after you have created their profile. They are managed from the Petcare >Pet Profiles page. You can also add pets directly within the client profile to which the pet should be associated.

IMPORTANT: BEFORE adding pets make sure that you have adjusted the Pet Fields on the Site Options > Clients page to your liking. Changes to these fields after pets are input can create confusion and end up with pet information that doesn’t make sense in conjunction with the field the information is in.

  1. Click Petcare
  2. Click Pet Profiles
  3. Click on the  NEW PET button to add a pet
  4. Choose an Owner to connect the pet to their Client Profile
    • When setting the Born/Age you are not required to fill out all three fields. If you only have the year or month and year enter that and the system will calculate the age based on what you have entered.
    • A pet Photo can be added by either using the "Upload" and choosing the photo on your computer or by using "Select" and choosing a photo that has previously been uploaded
    • Setting Active to "No" will make it so the pet cannot be viewed by Sitters, Managers and Clients
  5. Click the SAVE button to create the pet profile.