You can find our current pricing at We charge based on the total number of Active staff you have, which are managed from the Administrative > Users page. Once you make someone Inactive they no longer count against your plan (the same goes if you delete someone, but we don't recommend doing that as you will lose their name in all historical reports). Someone who is Inactive cannot access the system. When you make someone Inactive you can make them Active again later if they need access to the system again.

The only thing that we charge extra for (which is optional) is SMS (text messaging). We have no control over merchant account fees, nor do any portion of those fees go to us.

You can gain credits toward your plan fees through the Referral Program.

Upgrades and Downgrades

Upgrades and Downgrades are done from the Administrative > My Plan page. They are never done automatically, so if you want to Downgrade or Upgrade you will need to initiate it yourself. Any changes to your plan are prorated based on the exact number of days left in your billing cycle, with the difference (a credit if you downgrade, an extra charge if you upgrade) going towards your next payment.

Pausing your plan

When you "Pause Plan" on the Administrative > My Plan page you are downgrading to a $0/month plan that gives all staff read-only access to the system (they won't be able to perform any actions) while changing nothing for clients. Here is how it works:

  • You can only Pause your plan once, but you can have it paused for as long as you need (be that for days, weeks or even months)
  • ALL staff (Owners, Managers and Sitters) will have read-only access to data and will not be able to perform any actions in the system (with the exception of owners being able to update the Options pages - to set a Client Dashboard Message, Date Naming & Blocking, etc.)
  • You do not need to make staff Inactive in order to Pause your plan
  • Staff will only be able to access the system using a web browser and not the app
  • Clients will have normal access and can request service, pay invoices, etc. (if you don't want clients to have access to the system while your plan is paused you would need to turn off registration and/or make Client Logins inactive)
  • All automated system emails and actions (such as Auto Invoicing) will continue as normal, unless you turn them off
  • You can still run reports on the Resources > Reports page
  • If you use SMS (Text Messaging) you would still be charged for that at the normal SMS rates