Clients can add separate travel details on the My Schedule page, which are connected to all visits during the trip.

  • When adding or requesting non-ongoing visits there is a Trip/Travel Information option that has "N/A", "NEW TRIP" and then lists any existing Trips in the future already saved. This is visible in the Schedule tab of a client's profile for staff and on the My Schedule page for clients.
  • Clients can add a Name, Departure Date/Time, Return Date/Time, Itinerary, Contact Details and Additional Notes for each trip
  • Visits connected to a trip have a suitcase icon that anyone (client, sitter, staff) can click on to see the Trip details - clients and staff can also update the trip information from this dialog
  • Clients can edit their Trips on their My Schedule > Trips page to update the details or to mark them as Canceled (when Canceled the suitcase icon is red) and have the option to request cancellation of visits during the trip at the same time
  • Any updates to a trip made by the client will trigger an email to management and the sitter(s) of future visits during the trip
  • The system will automatically add or remove visits from trips when visit or trip dates are updated, or when new visits are added/requested (using normal methods)
  • After the Departure Date/Time has passed the system will automatically mark that client as "Away" in their profile and they will see an in-system "Not away right now?" notification that prompts them to update their Trip details if something has changed
  • After the Return Date/Time has passed the client or staff can mark that the trip is "Concluded" (the client is home). For the client this is done using the "Home Safe?" option either in the notifications (if they are logged in) or on their journals as a button, which will mark their profile as "Home" and send an email to management
  • You now see all Trips in one place, and add new Trips, from the Scheduling > Trips page. The page has tabs for "On Schedule", "Canceled" and "Concluded" trips so you can easily see them separately. Trips are sorted by Departure Date/Time, making it easy to find trips which the clients never marked as Home Safe.