In addition to all of the available settings in the Site Options, we have a number of "hidden" settings that we can adjust for you. These are rarely used settings that we don't want to clutter the Site Options with.

  1. Customize the Client and Pet Profile checklists
  2. Add custom key locations
  3. Allow clients to request cancellation the day of a visit
  4. Never add invoice line items for $0 (typically canceled) visits
  5. When bulk editing Specific Times, use 10 minute increments instead of 15
  6. Change "Pee" and "Poop" to different verbs in the journals
  7. Don't allow clients to request Every Other Day visits
  8. Send automatic Visit Confirmation Emails for requested visits and visits that have been assigned and not yet accepted by the sitter (will only make a difference if you have accepting/declining enabled)
  9. Default the payment confirmation email to not send
  10. Allow clients to see the Specific Times for their visits on their schedule (they cannot request specific times)
  11. Allow sitters to send Messages to each other (you will not be able to read the messages)
  12. Replace the first sentence of the Overdue Invoice emails with custom text
  13. Completely turn off tips
  14. Have ALL journals sent to management for approval before they are sent to clients

Contact us if you would like any of the settings above adjusted.