Block Specific Day Requests

There may be instances where you want to completely prevent clients from making requests on a specific day. The system allows you to configure this block for single or multiple days at once.

  • On the Administrative > Site Options > Time & Scheduling page find Date Naming & Blocking
  • Click on "Add Date Naming & Blocking" to setup a new day. Add a name, date span and choose "Yes" for Block Client Requests
  • If the block will only be for a specific Time Block (and not the entire day), select a Time Block from the drop-down list
  • The Name ("reason") of the day will show up in clients' My Schedule on the day(s) for which they were assigned.
  • When a client makes a request using their My Schedule page on days that are blocked they will receive a "Service requests not allowed on (date)" error message and the request will be blocked

Block Last Minute Requests

Sometimes clients aren't very thoughtful when making visit requests and they make same day requests last minute and/or on weekends. The system allows you to choose the number of hours before a visit to prevent clients from requesting service.

  • On the Administrative > Site Options > Time & Scheduling page use the Block Last Minute Requests to turn on this functionality
  • This only applies to visits requested by clients on their My Schedule page (adding new visits from the Master Schedule is not blocked)
  • The Last Minute Request Error Message allows you to configure exactly what your clients will see when a request is blocked