The Sitter Reliability reports allow you to get a detailed breakdown whether your sitters are arriving on time and staying for the expected amount of time. "Good" arrival/length is shown in green, while "bad" is shown in red. It can be found on the Resources > Reports > Sitter Reliability page.

  • The Arrival sensitivity setting will determine what the system considers a "good" arrival time. You can set this either as within the Time Block or within a window around the Time Block. If using specific times the window will be around the set time.
  • If there was no arrival time captured then the completion time will be used to calculate a "good" arrival (the expected visit length is subtracted to guess the arrival time)
  • An Expected Length can be set for each service on the Petcare > Services & Times page. This is used in conjunction with the Length sensitivity to determine a "good" length. If no Expected Length is found the length will be in black, meaning the system cannot determine whether it is "good" or "bad".
  • The Time to Journal shows how long it took the sitter to add a Journal in relation to the completion of the visit. "During" means they added the journal before completing.
  • You can view the GPS Map from the report for easy access
  • You can see the time spent at the visits totaled by group for hour tracking
  • As with the visit reports, you have various options for grouping and including certain date ranges