For Overbooking conflicts to be calculated the system must be able to assign a length to each visit. This is done by going to the Petcare > Services & Times > Base Services page and setting the new Expected Length for services. If a specific length isn't set the system will calculate those visits as "30 min". You may want to set these lengths to include some extra time for driving as well. The system will look 2 weeks ahead for Overbooked notices.

If you have any services where you expect overlap (boarding, group walks) you will want to uncheckmark "Notify When Overbooked" under Behavior to prevent getting notices for those visits. In addition, on the Site Options > Sitters & Journals page you can completely turn off all Overbooked notices by changing the Notify When Sitters are Overbooked setting.

If you use Specific Times the system will notify you when any visits for a specific sitter overlap. For Time Blocks it will notify you when the total length of the visits during the time block is more than the length of the time block. In addition to the notices you'll also see a  icon for those same visits on the Master Schedule calendar.

Notifications when the Expected Length of visits is exceeded

You can setup specific service types to trigger notifications to management and the sitter if they are still In Progress when the Expected Length is reached. Additionally, you can have the system Auto-Complete the visits for the sitter. The primary purpose of this is to help prevent sitters from forgetting to complete visits.

  • This is setup on the Petcare > Services & Times > Base Services page for *each* service by updating Behavior under Length & Behavior
  • Note that the system will give a 5 minute grace period after the Expected Length has been exceeded before sending out an "Expected Length Exceeded" notification
  • Auto-Completing visits is triggered once more than an hour has passed after the Expected Length. Auto-Completed visits are backdated to 15 minutes past the Expected Length. For example, a 30 minute visit would be Auto-Completed after being In Progress for 90 minutes and set to 45 minutes total.
  • Use the "No Key is needed for this Service" to prevent the system from showing "Sitter needs key" notifications for all visits of that service type