The Pet Care Journals allow you to send the details of your visits, along with notes and photos, directly to clients. Once you have started or completed an assignment, the Journal button will appear in the assignment box of your My Schedule page. 

  • If you'd like, you have the option of giving your journal entry a title (i.e. "Morning Romp with Fluffy"), then complete the form with information about the visit, such as whether or not any medication was given, if you fed the pet a meal, scooped the litter box, etc.
  • In addition to giving a basic rundown of the visit, if allowed, you may also write the client a more detailed, personal note about the visit (if allowed by management). Remember that your journal will be emailed directly to the client, so stay positive and professional!
  • The journal feature also gives you the option of, if allowed, sending photos, from the visit to the client. To attach photos, click either the Choose Photos or Take Photos button.
  • To save as a draft so you can make changes and/or send later click the Save as Draft button (edit the journal later by using the Complete Journal button)
  • When you have completed your journal, click the Save and Email button.
  • If Journal Comments are turned on you can post comments which will be visible on the Journal page and are emailed to both management and the client.