Depending on how your company's settings,  you can create and maintain a calendar of your upcoming availability or request time off by going to the Scheduling > Availability page.

  • If you are adding an availability or request off entry a month or more in the future, check that your calendar is set to the right month by clicking the Go To button and selecting the correct month – and year, if applicable – from the drop-down menu.
  • To add an availability entry, click the New Availability/Request Time Off button and enter in the relevant information.Select the appropriate dates and duration of the availability entry (i.e. 24 Hour or Overnight only), and make note of any additional information you'd like to include in a message to your manager.
  • Click the Save / Request button to save your availability/request off. If you'd like to continue adding further entries to your calendar, click the down arrow beside the Save/Request button and choose the "Add more" option.
  • If your company's settings are setup as Request Time Off, you will be notified once your request has been approved or declined.

Request Time Off

Availability (Open Schedule)