Setup and Scheduling

If you provide prepaid blocks of services at one set rate then you may want to set them up as Service Packages. Alternatively, you could use Frequency and Combination Service Discounts. Here's how Service Packages work:

  • Service Packages can be added from the Petcare > Services & Times > Service Packages tab
  • Each Service Package is setup with one Base Service, a specific number of Visits and a Price Per Visit, which determines the total price of the package
  • You can set Additional Pet Pricing if you want the package price to be adjusted based on pets
  • After Service Packages have been created you can schedule them from the Scheduling > Master Schedule page like any other service. Your clients will be able to request them if you have set a Package Name (Client view)

When a Service Package is added to the schedule it will:

  • Create packages based on the number of visits being added. If there is already a open package with enough visits then no packages will be created
  • Set the service type for the new visits to the Base Service and apply those visits to the correct package(s)
  • With an Ongoing schedule of visits the Service Package will be saved so that new packages will automatically be added as needed in the future

Any packages that are created are listed on the Scheduling > Package List page. You can see when each package was added and whether it was added by staff or the client. The system will notify you of any uninvoiced packages. Clients will see a notice of "You have # services remaining in your (Service Name) Packages"

Adjustments and Invoicing

  • Packages that have been added to the system are managed from the Scheduling > Package List page. Each package is for a specific client and service type (not time block).
  • Visits that are part of a package will be set as "Invoiced" so you don’t accidentally invoice the individual visit. This will be the case whether or not the package has already been invoiced.
  • Deleting visits will add them back to the package. Canceled visits that aren't set to $0 price will still be counted as part of the package.
  • The package cost will supersede any client-specific cost. To change the cost of a package visit just edit the visit and change the cost as normal.
  • You can see any overages or credits for a package based on the set cost of visits scheduled compared to the cost per visit.
  • If the system is showing a “Due to Client/Your Business” that isn’t correct you can edit the package and use the Adjustment field to zero it out. To zero out “due to Your Business” use negative numbers (eg. -10). To zero out “due to client” use positive numbers.
  • Packages can be invoiced either using the checkboxes on the Scheduling > Package List page or by clicking the "New" button on the Billing > Invoices page