New starting in July 2021: Some companies will be able to see "Closest Sitters", which lists the 10 closest sitters to a client's address, in a profile panel and when assigning. This functionality will be slowly rolled out to everyone in the coming months.

  • When you create new visits they can be assigned to sitters then (see "Adding Visits") or the Pet Sitter can be set to "NONE" so that they can be assigned later
  • You can assign multiple visits at the same time by using the checkboxes () or one at a time by clicking theon the calendar to open up the visit actions
  • Click on the "Assign" action. Choose which sitter you would like to assign the visit(s) to
  • If you have setup a Primary Sitter or Secondary Sitter in the Client Profile you can assign to those this way (if you're in the Schedule tab of the Client's profile you will see the names of the primary/secondary)
  • The visit(s) will be added to that sitter's schedule and an email notification will be sent alerting the sitter of the new visit(s) on their schedule. The sitter may be able to Accept or Decline based on the Assigned Visits setting at Site Options > Sitters & Journals
  • When you assign to "ANYONE" the system will notify all sitters and the visit(s) will be visible on everyone's My Schedule page until someone uses the "Accept" button to accept them.