Editing Visits

  • After visits have been added or requested, changes can be made to each individual visit. This can be done by clicking on the "Edit" option in the single visit actions menu (anon the top right corner of the visit in Calendar View OR ain other views) or by checkmarking each visit and using "Bulk Edit" at the top.
  • Nearly everything about a visit can be edited, including the Date, Status, Arrival & Departure Times and Price/Pay
  • If you need to Assign, Cancel, or add sitter/client Notes those are best done using their dedicated actions.

Reordering visits (Drag and Drop Scheduling)

Fine tuning the order of visits is an essential tool when it comes to planning sitter routes throughout the day. With our drag and drop scheduling you can quickly and easily reorder upcoming visits. NOTE: Drag and drop cannot be done on a mobile device.

  • Any visits that have not been Completed, Canceled or are In Progress can be reordered within the same day
  • Click and drag the visit to the order that you prefer. If necessary, the Time Block and Specific Time will be updated automatically by the system to fit the new order