Ongoing visits are automatically generated by the system on a continuing basis and have no end date (until you set one). You will want to use ongoing visits for clients that have a regular schedule.

  • First set your Ongoing Schedule Lookahead from the Site Options > Time & Scheduling page. This will determine how many days ahead visits will be generated. The default lookahead is 60 days.
  • When you first save your ongoing visits you will see that they have been generated between the start date and the end of the lookahead window (today's date plus the lookahead days). If you added multiple services they will each be added as a separate ongoing series.
  • Ongoing visits have an icon when viewed on the calendar and at the top of the Schedule tab in the client's profile, which you can click on to change the ongoing series settings. You can change any of these settings and they will be applied according to the Effective Date for Changes (which can be any time between today and the end of the lookahead window).
  • New visits will be added to the schedule incrementally (eg. tomorrow it will check 60 days from tomorrow, the next day 60 days from that day, etc.) at your set processing time using the current ongoing visit settings. If you set Status to "Canceled" then new visits won't be added and the arrow icon on the calendar will turn from to  to signify that series has been canceled*.
  • In the Schedule tab of client profiles and for clients on their My Schedule page you will be able to see yet-to-be-generated "ghost" visits that show the future ongoing visits that are not yet in the system. The main purpose of this is to prevent clients from requesting future visits on days that will, but don't yet, have ongoing visits.

* NOTE: this is the only way to stop future visits from being generated - deleting individual visits from the schedule will not prevent new ongoing visits in the same series from being generated