Based on your Availability setting on the Site Options > Sitters & Journals page, the availability will function either as on open calendar where staff can enter the times that they are either available or not available or it will function as a place where their time off must be requested and approved. Availability is managed from the Scheduling > Availability page.

  • Open calendar (default): sitters will click on the "New" button, choose whether the entry will be "Available" or "Not Available," set the schedule, length and Save
  • Time off request: sitters will click on the "New" button and set the schedule, length and Save. At this point it the Site Email Address will receive a "Time Off Request" email and the entry will be designated as "Requested" on the calendar. This request must then be addressed by a manager using the "Approve" or "Decline" buttons
  • The availability Length can be either "24 hour," "Block of Time" (they will enter a start and end time) or "Overnight"
  • NOTE: The system won't prevent you from scheduling a visit during unavailable time, although it will alert you when there is a conflict after it has been assigned

Availability Conflicts

The system will look at all "Not Available" time in the Ongoing Schedule Lookahead (Site Options > Time & Scheduling) and notify you if there is a conflict.

Time Off Visible on Master Schedule

When scheduling using the Master Schedule it can be helpful to know when your sitters have time off scheduled. Instead of needing to have the Availability page open in a separate window you can now see it right on the Master Schedule.

  • While in Calendar view on the Master Schedule checkmark the "Show: Time Off" checkbox. The time off will be loaded at the top of each corresponding day
  • Clicking on each time off entry will bring you to the Availability page where you can view the availability item in full